Canadian Building Contracts

Heintzman, West and Goldsmith on Canadian Building Contracts 5th ed. (the “CBC”) by Bryan G. West

The CBC is updated quarterly and published in looseleaf and electronic (Westlaw Proview format) by Thomson Reuters. Established in 1968, the CBC is the leading A-Z text on building construction law in Canada, covering all provinces and territories, cited more than 200 times at various levels of the court in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, making it the most-cited construction legal text in the country. Bryan West is only the third author, following Mr. Goldsmith and Mr. Hientzman, in 50 years to author this text, and assumed sole authorship after Mr. Hientzman’s passing in 2019.

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Builders’ Liens in Alberta

Builders' Liens in Alberta: Procedure, Law and the Annotated Act (the BLIA) by Bryan G. West and Allyson Hopkins

The BLIA is updated and published annually by Thomson Reuters, the BLIA is the only comprehensive guide to constriction law and practice dedicated to practice in Alberta, including industry-specific, unwritten “rules” and practice points. As creatures of statute, builders liens demand strategic considerations not applicable to normal litigation procedure, what’s complex for practitioners is even more daunting to non-lawyers.

The BLIA is a practical, no-nonsense guide to this complex area. Builders’ Liens in Alberta: Procedure, Law and the Annotated Act, is the only publication to specifically address practical aspects of builders lien litigation in the province and to explain, interpret, and clarify the Alberta Builders’ Lien Act. It’s a welcome handbook and daily practice aid for construction lawyers, and an essential guide for non-lawyers and practitioners who must sometimes venture into these areas.

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