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The Wait is Over: Regulations Have Been Released and Alberta’s Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act comes into force August 29, 2022

On February 25, 2022, the Government of Alberta confirmed that the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act (the “PPCLA”)[1]Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act, c P-26.4 [Prompt Payment Act]. will
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Do Section 23 Builders Lien Applications Exceed Masters’ Jurisdiction in BC? 2022 BCSC 287

The February 24, 2022 decision in Metro-Can Construction (PE) Ltd. v. Escobar[1]Metro-Can Construction (PE) Ltd. V. Escobar, 2022 BCSC 287. (“Metro-Can”) suggests that construction practitioners may wish to shift their
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Maintenance Work, Repair Work, Capital Repair Work, and Lien Rights in Canada

Introduction I often explain the difference between non-lienable maintenance and repair work on the one hand, and lienable construction work on the other, using the analogy of a landscaper called
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Saving Paper Could Cost You – Potential Perils of Incorporating Terms by Reference: Razar Contracting Services Ltd v. Evoqua Water

Why this decision matters Commercial agreements frequently incorporate or make reference to separate documents that form part of the larger bargain. This practice is known as “incorporation by reference”, and
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