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The Duty Good Faith in Contractual Discretionary Powers – Dominus/Cityzen Brampton SWQRP Inc. v. The Corporation of the City of Brampton

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the “Court”) recently dealt with the question of what constitutes a breach of the duty of good faith contractual performance in the context of
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Construction Law Canada is Back!

Welcome to (or welcome back to) Construction Law Canada, the past, present and future home of high quality commentary, legal analysis, resources and guides to all things construction law related
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Third parties

Supreme Court Finds Contractor Has A Duty To Tell Sub-Subcontractors About The Existence Of A Payment Bond

In a much anticipated decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has recently held that a contractor which is a trustee under a payment bond has an obligation to advise sub-contractors
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One Arbitration Under Two Separate Arbitration Agreements Held To Be Invalid

In A v B, [2017] EWHC 3417 (Comm), the High Court of Justice of England and Wales has recently held that an arbitrator in an arbitration commenced by a single
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