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Case Review – Backyard XP Inc. v. Cesario-Valela, 2023 ONSC 6312

To have a just cause is to be in the right, but "technically right" is the best kind of right. Your timely reminder that statutes have regulations and regulations have bite.
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Case Review – 1361556 Alberta Ltd. v. Ristorante Cosa Nostra Inc., 2023 ABKB 590

An Italian restaurant serves up a tale of betrayal and vengeance, featuring financial ruin, a wildfire, and untimely death. Even more interesting, a study of when exactly a landlord acquires liability for a builders’ lien.
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Case Review – BSSD Excavating & Landscaping Ltd. v. Green Blvd. Construction Ltd., 2023 BCSC 1685

Can a lien be cancelled if it claims an unreasonable amount owed? Can s. 24 of the Builders Lien Act be used as a backdoor method of cancelling a lien? Are remedies under the Land Title Act available in a builders' lien action? Is there a price to be paid for asking these questions? The answers lie within.
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Case Review – S3i Inc. v. Ecolomondo Environmental (Hawkesbury) Inc., 2023 ONSC 5071

A meditation on abandonment. Also a comparison of section 47 and rule 20 applications.
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